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13-segment & backlit 8-digit LCD
7-segment & 2-digit LED
136-174 MHz (NX-720H(G)/720(G))
136-174 MHz (NX-740/740H)
450-520 MHz, 400-470 MHz, 350-400 MHz (NX-820H(G)/820(G))
400-470 MHz, 450-520 MHz (NX-840/840H)
RX: 851-870 MHz,
TX: 806-825 / 851-870 MHz (NX-920(G))
45-30-5 W (NX-820H(G)) 30-5 W (NX-820(G))
45-25-5 W (NX-840H) 25-5 W (NX-840)
Fleetsync, MDC-1200, QT/DQT, DTMF, 2-Tone
Fleetsync, MDC-1200, QT/DQT, DTMF, 2-Tone
Type-C & Type-D
Built-in for models with suffix G (Requires optional GPS Active Antenna KRA-40G)
Requires optional DB-15 connection
Base-repeater Optional Units
IP Network Connector for the NXR-710/810 Series – KTI-3
The Conventional IP Network feature is available for NXR-710/810 repeaters with the Network Interface Unit KTI-3.
Telephone Interface Adapter for the NXR-700/800/900 Series – KTI-4
The KTI-4 Telephone Interconnect Adapter adds telephone system connectivity to the NXR-700/800/900 based trunking system with an analog telephone patch, such as
the Zetron M30, M735 or others. It is ideal for customers with intentions to enhance the flexibility of their networks by connecting their trunking system to a telephone line.
Multipurpose Network / Interface Box – KTI-5*
*KTI-5 is a hardware device only, requires appropriate firmware.
Network Interface Unit
Telephone Interconnect Adapter
Multipurpose Network / Interface Box
NEXEDGE Digital & FM Mobile Radio
NX-720H(G)/820H(G) NX-720(G)/820(G)/920(G)
50-30-5 W (NX-720H(G)) 30-5 W (NX-720(G))
15-5 W (NX-920(G))
NEXEDGE Digital & FM Mobile Radio
NX-740H/840H NX-740/840
50-25-5 W (NX-740H) 25-5 W (NX-740)
Multiple Configurations
The NX-5700(B)/5800(B)/5900(B) mobile radios allow users to create a variety of configurations to suit diverse requirements by combining different options.
1. Single Remote Control Head x Single RF Deck The detachable front control panel of the radio is used as a Remote Control Head.
2. Single Remote Control Head x Multi RF Decks* Operate multiple radios as if they were one by adding an RF Deck.
3. Dual Remote Control Heads x Single RF Decks* One controller can be mounted on the dashboard, with the other at the rear.
4. Dual Remote Control Heads x Multi RF Decks* The convenience of a dual control head added to multiple RF decks (3 maximum) configuration. Two operators can control 2 radios from separate control heads. *Future availability
*Some restrictions apply

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