Page 4 - Kenwood 2016 NEXEDGE® NX-5000 series catalog
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Public Safety
We want to be able to communicate and coordinate with other public safety agencies and departments.
Round-the-clock public safety operations – police, fire and EMS –
can be extremely demanding for both personnel and equipment. The NX-5000 Series radios are robust and offer clear mission-critical communications in numerous environments – even with sirens in the background. Advanced emergency features, such as man- down detection and ease of operation, even with gloves, make NX-5000 series radios the perfect choice to enhance safety in the line of duty.
We often need to talk on a radio in noisy environments and cannot afford to miss a command or request for help.
We must have secure communications, free from monitoring or interception.
From a crime or accident scene, we need to be able to alert dispatch
or the entire network instantly.
We use our radios day & night, 24/7.

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