Page 5 - Kenwood 2016 NEXEDGE® NX-5000 series catalog
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Can we keep our gloves on while operating the radio?
We need radios that are robust.
Public Sector and Commercial Operations
School buses may need to communicate directly with the police in an emergency.
We want advance warning when batteries are dying – and we also want batteries that last longer.
Our employees need to look smart in suits and uniforms, so no bulky radios.
Thanks to multi-digital operation, NEXEDGE® offers a flexible communications system that is ideal for a wide range of industries and fields
– ranging from utilities and traffic agencies to schools, taxi services and security companies. What’s more, top-of-the-line features such as the transflective display for easy viewing in sunshine, GPS capability and Bluetooth® connectivity all contribute to enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From top to bottom, the NX-5000 Series means business.

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