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NEXEDGE Application Software and Dispatch System effectively and efficiently manage your fleet.
  Centralized System Management
Sophisticated network system management software reduces operation and maintenance costs. It offers such features as remote programming, firmware uploading, subscriber unit access management, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities – all from a secure Windows®-based application via direct connection,
IP connection or dial-up modem. Access is limited to authorized personnel only.
• Subscriber Privileging UID/GID validation, Class-of-Service entries of 5,000 UID/GID each for Gen2 or 127 UID/GID each for Gen1; 5,000 Fleet UID/GID lists permit operators to grant certain access privileges, call types, inter-site call capabilities and queue priority to any groups and/or individuals on a system.
• Real-Time Activity Monitoring Activity dashboard maintains activity records for troubleshooting.
• Call Logs Operators can download detailed call activity of any channel, site, individual or group for traffic, security and incident analysis.
• Channel Loading Graphs Track usage and blocking statistics to identify possible system traffic/capacity issues.
• NXR Diagnostics Operators can remotely monitor each NXR unit’s hardware and Ethernet network interface to identify possible problems at any site.
• NXR Firmware Uploading Operators can remotely update operational firmware in all NXR units without having to drive to a site.
NEXEDGE Repeater Monitor
The NEXEDGE Repeater Monitor provides around-the-clock remote IP monitoring of all repeaters on an NXDN single-site or multi-site trunked network and on NXDN conventional IP networks. This software alerts supervisors and technical personnel of systemic problems or failures at any site. The repeater monitor can be set to sound a PC alarm and send multiple emails or SMS text messages upon receiving an alert. All events are recorded in a log file.
• Repeater Diagnostics Via IP
• WAV File Alarms
• Email/SMS Alert Notifications • Log File Download
• Single-site Trunked & Multi-site Networks
• Conventional & Conventional IP • Network Link
Notification When a trunked network IP link is disrupted, the site reverts to single-site trunked operation and a network link message can be broadcast over the air, while an alert tone is sounded on the radios of the system operator and on-call technician.
 NEXEDGE Repeater Monitor Software for iOS
This iPhone/iPad app can notify staff of remote repeater incidents. Note that it is designed specifically for use with the KPG-149RM PC software. Owing to iOS restrictions, the app is unable to detect incidents while the smart device is in sleep mode or when the app is operating in the background, but since the PC-based KPG-149RM monitors repeaters around the clock, it can notify the smart device user via email (Alert Mail) at any time.
                           IP Network
    3G/LTE or Wi-Fi®
Send Alert Mail
System administrator
Monitor system condition from iPhone/iPad
NEXEDGE Repeater Monitor Software for iOS KPG-149SA
NEXEDGE Repeater Monitor KPG-149RM
       Alert Mail

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