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Network Manager Server & Client for Gen2
Increased GPS Capacity / GPS Report Channel
             NEXEDGE Gen2 employs a server-based network design with a system controller to ensure efficient system management. The addition of the Network Manager System & Client enables comprehensive monitoring of large-scale systems with multiple access points. Network assets are managed using the SNMP protocol, while IP assets are managed with a single program.
In addition to NEXEDGE server and repeater monitoring, IP asset and network monitoring is also possible; this includes network traffic and load, network path, subscriber registration, latency, event and error monitoring. Other functions include log acquisition and analysis; call log acquisition and analysis by group, site and call type; reporting and alert settings.
Use of SNMP provides a flexible means for status monitoring of network hardware such as routers and switches, as well as Windows and UNIX servers. It also facilitates resource, performance and traffic monitoring. The system is compatible with commercially available network monitoring applications.
• KPG-1003NS Network Management Server Software • KPG-1004NC Network Management Client Software
System Controller
GPS is a widely used tool to track the position of personnel and vehicles. NEXEDGE Gen2 further enhances GPS operation to facilitate management. The System Controller is aware at all times how many GPS-equipped subscriber units (SUs) are on duty, and when a new SU is registered, the controller assigns a reporting frame and traffic channel.
Improvements to the air protocol minimize data overhead, maxi- mizing traffic/data capacity while reducing GPS data processing time.
Timing: xxx Report to: CH xxx
Network Manager Client
Network Manager Server
   NEXEDGE AVL & Messaging
The KAS-20 Software provides AVL and Dispatch capability compatible with Kenwood digital radio systems. With the capability to run under Windows and Windows Server operating systems,
it provides a cost effective package for AVL and dispatch for business, supporting both the NXDN and DMR digital protocols.
[ KAS-20 Standalone AVL + Dispatch System ]
                                                             • Low-Cost Initial Investment with • Upgrade licenses
• Enhanced Scalability – Standalone • PC / Multi-Client Server
• Enhanced User Interface Design for ease of use
Supports multiple digital radio protocols
User-Selectable Options – Location, Dispatch, Voice Path, Multiple Client, and Voice Recording

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