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 NEXEDGE Dispatch
KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE Dispatch System is a dedicated end-to-end, IP-based telecommunications console system designed for medium to large operations.
• IP Gateway Connection to NEXEDGE Trunked Repeater • Group, Individual, Emergency, Status, Encryption
• Analog/ NEXEDGE Conventional Radio Gateway
• Patching at Dispatch Console
• Network Redundancy & Hot Standby Provide 99.999% Availability • System-Wide Aux I/O
• Supports Distributed Console System Design
Call Preemption/Interruption for Consoles
Supervisors and console operators – for example, in airport control towers and taxi dispatch centers – can use this feature, to ensure that console calls have priority. If there is no traffic channel available, the console can take over a channel: radios in operation will automatically stop ongoing call transmission/reception, and the console will be able to communicate directly with their users. Call interruption facilitates emergency alerts or instructions to be issued to a large number of users at the same time, making this feature also useful for public safety.
[ NEXEDGE Dispatch System ] NEXEDGE
Console Call
Console Call
Browser-Based Multi-Access Configuration Utility
Schedulable Stun/Kill
Central Unit
Workstation Windows® 7 PC
Conventional Radio Gateway
This browser-based configuration utility replaces the KPG-110SM System Manager. You can now use a PC or even a mobile device to monitor, in real time, the access status of multiple users from multiple login points with access control. Upload a firmware update to the System Controller for an automatic update of all repeaters, assuring that all repeaters are constantly operating on the latest firmware. This ensures that all repeaters on the network will always have the latest firmware version. Log management via the System Controller is also possible.
Console w/ Media Dock
Console Call
End Call
To prevent unauthorized access and/or theft of radios, the electronic serial numbers are screened by the system. When a radio is keyed up, the ESN is constantly screened; if an unauthorized person is trying to access the network, the operator has the option to initiate a stun or kill to disable the radio. Prescheduling is convenient for setting up rental subscriber units. For instance, you can set up to renew contract when a payment is made. The radio can be disabled when the contract ends, or the radio not being returned on a specific date. Configuration is browser-based to ensure flexibility.
System Controller
ESN Enabled
End Call
System Configuration (web browser)
subscriber units (SUs) Kill
Site Controller

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