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 Going Forward
The KENWOOD SOLUTION DEVELOPERS Program welcomes experts in software and hardware development that are interested in creating new solutions for NEXEDGE radios and systems.
This initiative is facilitated by the KPT-110SDK Software Development Kit.
Solution Categories:
1) AVL, GPS & Tracking
• Ability to easily and accurately pinpoint the location of a mobile caller or vehicle
in transit to manage assets.
• Location-based services used for emergency purposes as well as enhanced business
applications such as location-sensitive billing, traffic updates, fleet management and
asset & people tracking.
• Numerous options for mobile positioning available.
2) Event Logging & Voice Recording Solutions
• Software to log and control a private radio network.
• Offers fully customizable Event Logging applications.
• Basic logging: PTT, status updates, auto transmitting, emergency signals, etc.
• Advanced logging: Engine data of a vehicle such as speed, location, direction,
operational duration, temperature, fuel consumption, RPM and odometer;
Operator logs to track hours worked and productivity, etc.
• Dedicated Voice Recording solutions to log individual or group voice traffic in a
NEXEDGE trunked radio system.
• Recorded voice can be played back and/or stored on different media such as
hard drives or CD-ROM/DVD.
3) Dispatch and Monitoring Solutions:
• Diverse Dispatch and Console solutions from low to high tier and from
operation critical to mission critical applications.
• Intelligent UIs, advanced tools, network health monitors, and simple desktop consoles.
• Ensures the highest levels of interoperability, scalability and usability.
4) Gateway Solutions
• Connect a network to other radio systems, VOIP, satellite or cellular technologies.
• Use smartphones to monitor the status of a radio network and operations
from remote location.
• Access to phone systems (e.g. PABX, PSTN, or X-system).
5) Messaging Solutions
• Send emails and text messages to a radio.
Application Image
Base station
Application Image
Application Image
Operation instructions
GPS data + ID data
GPS satellite
NMEA data
Connect the system via IP and save voice and data as digital data.
Base station 2
Application Image
Text messaging
Messages are displayed on the radio’s LCD
SMTP Gateway
Terminals can interconnect between P25 and NXDN systems.
KPT-110SDK (ver. 2.0) Software Development Kit
Location Management Software
Mountain top site 2
Application Image
NEXEDGE® system
Mountain top site 1
Base station 1
P25 system
Dedicated website and brochures are available
Gateway system connection
VHF and UHF patch
Mountain top site 3
Data server

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