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 Radios now play a critical role in ensuring everything from smooth daily operations to the coordinated response demanded by critical incidents. In a rapidly changing world, business, industry and public safety communications requirements have evolved from the basics of user-friendly operability to the innovative features enabled by the latest digital technologies. And setting the pace is KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE.
NEXEDGE has been proven to be one of the most versatile communications systems available today, capable of satisfying a wide range of government and industry users. Offering conventional operation through to multi-site trunking, as well as paced migration from analog to digital, NEXEDGE is a perfect fit for any organization.
NEXEDGE employs the acclaimed NXDN® digital air interface. This open standard is supported by many leading vendors, meaning that NEXEDGE systems are compatible with third-party products that conform to the mandatory features and standard optional features specified by the NXDN Forum.
And now, NEXEDGE steps into its 2nd chapter...
 Building on this success, KENWOOD has developed NEXEDGE Generation 2 (Gen2). Supporting networks with as many as 1,000 sites, Gen2 delivers a significant boost in network scale and capability, yet also provides full compatibility with your current analog equipment. If you are looking to create a large-scale digital trunked network, NEXEDGE Gen2 has the features, capabilities and performance to satisfy all your needs.
The Gen2 logo denotes discussion of the product capabilities within this brochure.
Discover the power and versatility of NEXEDGE- abilities. Each of these key digital abilities has been developed specifically to perfectly align with your requirements for a robust and versatile digital network.

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