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 Integrated GPS for Location Management
Thanks to integrated GPS receiver/antenna, the current location of the radio can be sent to a recipient. Positional data enables effective management when used with applications like KAS- 20 AVL & Dispatch Software. GPS data acquired at set time intervals can be stored in the radio’s memory.
Bluetooth is a means of wireless transfer of audio and data between two Bluetooth-compatible devices. The NX-3000 supports Bluetooth Headset Profile (HSP), which can be used to pair the radio and a Bluetooth-compatible headset to initiate a voice call. The radio is also compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) to enable communication with peripheral devices for various applications.
Text Messaging
The NX-3000 Series is capable of sending/receiving text messages when using either digital protocol. These can be simple canned status messages (confirming receipt, etc.) or short text messages (ideal for relaying addresses and phone numbers). FM analog can also be used.
Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) and Over-the-Air Alias (OAA)
OTAP allows simultaneous writing of configuration data to subscriber units in NXDN mode using wireless communications, which is updated remotely from a base station. Exclusive to NXDN, this convenient function can be performed by installing OTAP Manager Software KPG-180AP to a PC, which transfers the configuration to the base station transceiver to distribute the data.
OAA is another convenient feature available in NXDN Conventional and trunking systems that displays the caller ID on the radio display even if the ID is not configured for display. This feature is especially handy when you are roaming and new subscriber units from the system in service are temporarily added.
Maintaining Confidentiality
Hearing clearly is essential. But you don’t want your
conversation to be heard by others. KENWOOD offers optional
56-bit DES encryption, advanced 256-bit AES encryption*2 for
both digital protocols, and 40-bit ARC4 encryption for DMR. *2 Availability of AES encryption may vary depending on the region.
Tough & Robust
All KENWOOD radios go through stringent tests including drop, immersion, splash, key punch, extreme temperature, dust,
and heavy rain to simulate the harshest operating conditions experienced in a variety of applications. The portable radios also meet the international ingress protection standards, including IP54, IP55, and IP67. The mobile radios feature IP54 protection. Also, all radios meet the MIL-STD 810 C to G standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense.*3
*3 Accessory connectors must be covered.
Designed to Go with
All Sizes and Shapes
Operation within a digital protocol extends your channel capacity. The NX-3000 radios are designed to fit in different systems, from shopping mall or hospitality setting using conventional digital system in NXDN or DMR, to wider multi-site trunking systems using IP networking such as NXDN Type-C and Gen2 that extend across a campus or plant, even as wide as state/province or nationwide.
NXDN/DMR Digital Conventional Cost & capacity baseline
No trunking Single site
Conventional IP Network
NXDN/DMR Digital Conventional IP Site Roaming
Cost effective coverage
No trunking
Up to 16 (unicast) or 48 (multicast) sitess
Multi-site Trunking (NXDN Type-C)
NXDN Type-C Trunking More capacity and coverage
Centralized controlled trunking Up to 48 sites
Enhanced Multi-site Trunking (NXDN Gen2)
NXDN Gen2 Trunking
Most capacity, coverage, and control
Centralized control with server-based architecture
More than a 1,000 sites
Location - Hands-free
Secure Radio - Safe Staff
Detecting the Status of Remote Workers
When you have staff working alone or in remote locations, it can be very important to know how they are doing. NX-3000 Series features a set of functions that help to protect the worker's safety.
l Emergency Button: The Prominent orange button on the
portable radios can be used by a worker to signal an emergency.
This function can be assigned to other buttons, including the speaker microphone’s PF button for portables, and the AUX button for both
portables and mobiles.
l Lone Worker: If a radio is set to Lone Worker mode and not operated for a
set period of time, a 2-beep tone is emitted to alert the user. If the user does not respond, then it automatically triggers Emergency Mode to notify the base station. l Activity Detection: Three functions will trigger Emergency Mode: Man-down Detection, when the radio tilts to one side; Stationary Detection, when the radio is left stationary for a length of time; and Motion Detection, which detects abnormal movement for a prolonged period.
Conventional and Trunking Systems Compatible with the NX-3000 Series

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