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 The backbone of your P25 system is the NXR-7000P/8000P P25 repeater. Available in either rack or cabinet mounted versions, up to 250W of performance, these accommodate analog systems and offer full digital communications features.
The NXR-7000P/8000P VHF & UHF P25 conventional repeater systems are comprised of the Kenwood high performance NXR-700/800 transceiver units and a KSGCP401 P25 controller. The KSGCP401 supports up to four conventional P25 channels and operates in dual mode, delivering full-featured P25 digital communications and continued service to analog fleets.
  • 146-174 MHz 40W, 110W, 250W VHF Systems • 450-480 MHz 40W, 100W, 250W UHF Systems • Repeater Operation
• Continuous Duty Cycle
• Forced Air Cooling
• Power Supply / Distribution Options
• Battery Backup Options
• Cabinet / Rack Mounting Options
• Controls Up to Four NXR-700/800 Units
• P25 FDMA Common Air Interface
• Dual Mode Analog & P25 Conventional • P25 Individual, Group & System Calls
• P25 Emergency Calls
• Single-Site Conventional
• Site Management Ethernet Port
• P25 System Status Monitor/Control
• 19-Inch Rack Mount Height (1RU)
   Demanding outdoor conditions and long duty cycles require the military spec quality of Kenwood P25 radios.

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