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  Mobile and Portable P25 Radio Accessories
Kenwood offers every mobile and portable P25 radio accessory that your department will need. Chargers are available in single port to multiple slot models, with a selection of rapid and standard charge cycles. All battery chemistries, including lightweight and high performance Li-Ion are available for the portables and many types of mics and headsets let you customize your Kenwood P25 radio for your department’s users and work environments.
Your Kenwood authorized dealer will assess your requirements, assist in securing funding for your agency and support your purchase decision with nationally recognized quality service.
Customer Testimonials
“We’ve used Kenwood since 1999 and then chose P25 radios when they became available. These radios hold up to weather, atmosphere, built to be very sturdy, which is important for firefighters. The battery life is exceptional, lasts almost two shifts sometimes. The texture on the controls makes them easier to grasp. Kenwood is a very good product and the reliability is there. The repeaters, in particular, have been stellar. In this economy, Kenwood prices are reasonable.”
John Wojewoda Communications Technician City of Niagara Falls, NY
“Kenwood came to the table with a product that was functional in the system and comparable in features while being more cost effective. One of the notable features is that if you need encryption, it can be added at any time. And the ability to go from a dash mount to a remote head or a handheld remote as you need it is key, you can’t do that with other radios. We did field testing of the Kenwood radios and audio quality, even in a high noise environment is much better, the voice is much clearer. Kenwood has come in and done programmer training. They bend over backwards and I would highly recommend them to any agency in the future.“
Dave Erwin EOC Coordinator Kanawha County, WV
“We put in our system in 2001 and wanted to stay with the vendor we’ve been pleased with and have had no trouble whatsoever. Our dealer, too, has been excellent for us. Remember, you can buy radio equipment anywhere but the service is more important than the product. The P25 radios have a lot more capabilities and we can program it to do certain things we need and we like that feature. I like the size, too, it’s smaller and lighter to tote. The audio quality is good. We bid out our system and there are several vendors that we could buy equipment from but for the price of the Kenwood equipment, the reliability and the service...we could pay more, but in my opinion, we would definitely stay with Kenwood. Also, remember, if we were having any trouble, we would be forced into making a change. In emergency response, every second makes a difference. If that equipment fails, we would have to immediately do something different. Kenwood is proven day after day.“
Eddie Vick Public Safety Coordinator County of Sussex, VA
“We did our research and liked what we read. We spoke to another agency and they were pleased with Kenwood. We looked at the TK-5210 and liked what we saw. We especially like the scan feature because we work with multiple agencies and it’s nice to be able to switch over to another agency. These are durable radios. Cops are hard on their equipment. We’ve had a couple take a hard drop out of their holsters and the cops just dust them off and go back to using them.”
Chief Mark Stinson Sonora Police Department Sonora, CA
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